Crafty Lady: DIY Edible Blood

Crafty Lady: DIY Edible Blood

This blood will dry sticky and stay relatively in place. It is completely edible and actually kinda yummy (well its basically chocolate syrup lol). It will stain clothing, however if you get to the stain quickly with some stain remover you should be okay.

Quick & Easy Natural DIY Solution to Inner Thigh Darkness

Embarrassing confession here – I have inner thigh darkness. For those who don’t know what it is a dark discoloration that can occur on your upper inner thighs, armpits, or any place where skin rubs together. It is an extremely common issue that women and men of all sizes can have, though larger women are more prone. Quite often it is only a very small, almost unnoticeable patch at the top of the thigh (the way I know this is from the 6 million+ pole dancer crotches I have seen LOL).There are several causes of inner thigh darkness: Friction aka Chub Rub – If your thighs meet you can be prone to inner thigh abrasions and darkness especially if you are active and sweat a lot. Pole Burn – Laybacks and pole sits can cause abrasions that add to inner thigh darkness. Sun Exposure – The inner thigh skin is very delicate and can react poorly to too much sun. Hormonal Imbalance – Specifically around your menstrual cycle your thighs can become darker. Medications – Several medications can cause inner thigh darkness, but oral contraceptives are a common one. You will want to talk to your doctor about a solution. Acanthosis Nigricans – This condition makes dark patches and discoloration occur on your skin. Again talk to your doctor for a remedy. In my case I have thighs that definitely meet, I wear dresses basically always, work out quite a bit, have stretch marks, and am ridiculously pale to set off the whole thing – YAY!  None of it would really be an issue except that I pole dance...

52 Weekly Mini-Goals to Make 2015 the Best Yet

 Large New Years goals can be overwhelming and going by statistics that goal will be thrown to the wayside a month into 2015, so why not have the best year possible by taking on weekly mini-challenges! Simply complete one of these bite-size challenges a week and make your life AWESOME one small step at a time! 1. Bring a pole virgin to class with you 2. Throw out all your worn out and old clothing and workout wear 3. Repair, repurpose, or toss broken dance heels 4. Dance for your partner/lover/FWB 5. Try a new workout class 6. Take your workout outside Marlo Fisken by Haze Kware on 500px   7. Commit to reading an entire book in a week 8. Toss your expired make-up and clean your brushes 9. Repurpose old t-shirts 10. Write a thank you note to your favorite pole (or fitness) instructor 11. Write an encouraging letter to a pole friend 12. Try a new healthy recipe pilmeny by Elga Zhara on 500px   13. Update an unhealthy recipe to make it a healthier choice 14. Make sure you are drinking at least 8+ glasses of water a day 15. Try out a different style of pole dance 16. Try a new style of dance class 17. Turn off the lights and freestyle floorwork dance 18. Take your stretch practice outdoors 19. Write out your body frustrations, then let it go Rain on Sarajevo by Marco Sales on 500px  20. Walk someplace your normally drive 21. Write out what you love about your body and keep it some place accessible 22. Sleep in without feeling...

Pole Geek + Pole Friends: Easy DIY Personalized Pole Dancer Holiday Mug

*disclaimer* Pole Friends has partnered up with Pole Geek for this and a second post. While this mug was gifted to me by Pole Friends, this post and its contents (including the type of post, words, photos, etc) are wholly my own. I have been following Pole Friends on facebook and instagram for awhile now and am in absolute love with the Erica’s ADORABLE illustrative style and joyful pole art. If you follow Pole Geek on FB you’ve probably seen me repost her images all the time, so I was super excited when she contacted me to partner up! I was able to select the items of my choice and felt this “Fun & Fitness” mug was perfect for my fitness fanatic followers. Not only is Erica’s design too cute, but it’s a really well made item, these pieces are done through Society6 so if you have purchased through them before you know they have great quality. Those we pole with are more than friends, they are family, and with the holiday season upon us I wanted to find a unique way to show our pole friends how much we care.  This pole dancer holiday mug DIY is not only SUPER easy, but perfect to give to each of your pole buddies and should be personalized with their image!  I can’t tell you how excited I was when I came up with this crafty gift and hope you all love it as much as I do!  What You Need: Adorable PoleFriends Mug (check out all of PoleFriends products HERE) pic of your pole friend on the pole Santa shaped...

Crafty Lady – DIY Bow Front Crop Top

This SUPER easy do-it-yourself t-shirt to crop top idea came to me because I am dying to have more pieces in my workout wardrobe that I can actually wear on the pole, i.e. when inverting or needing a side grip! (Pardon the wrinkles)What you need:Slighty oversized t-shirt or tank top (I went one size up)Scissors Step 1: Cut off sleeves and crew neck Step 2: Fold the tank side ways in halfStep 3: Cut horizontally across tank (this should be where you want the crop top to hit) and cut from the bottom up to meet the horizontal cut 2″-3″ away from the fold. Step 4: Unfold the tank and cut up the center of the fabric strip about 2″ past the bottom od the crop top. Step 5: Try it on and tie a bow! What DIYs would you like to see? More ways to turn old t-shirt into fun workout wear or something else? Let me...


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