I don’t know if something is in the air or what, however in the past week I’ve had multiple people ask me where I buy my pole shorts. Honestly, I kinda stopped writing about it because I thought I had done it to death but obviously not ( I still need to do my Cleo short reviews too). So inspired by my beauty YouTube obsession I’ve decided to steal their “Ride or Die” makeup challenge and share my top 3 pole short brands I can’t live without. What do these 3 shorts have in common – 1. they fit me and my booty, 2. they are super cute, 3. they are all under $40.

Derby Skinz was the first pole wear brand I fell in love with. They have a ton of colors and lots of customizations. My favorite fabrics are the ones that have a black base to them (see the kiss print shorts) – they are less slippery and stick in place the best while moving around the pole. I love both the high-waisted No Stingz Shortz and their classic Shortz with additional rise added to make them high-waisted.

*Psst* they have a Labor Day sale going on! 20% off DZ Activewear

Why I love the brand: 

  • Sizing up to 3x
  • 6 billion fabric options
  • Customizable rises and inseams
  • Multiple cuts from low-rise to high-waisted

Things to note:

  • Different fabrics have very different fits, so be aware that some are stretchier than others

A quick note I work for Cleo’s Rock N Pole, however, I genuinely love Cleo’s clothing. They have accurate sizing (i.e. if you typically wear a medium you will most likely wear a medium in Cleo’s) and the fabric is all good quality. Her collection has a consistently rock chick aesthetic that means all the pieces work well together.

Why I love the brand: 

  • Sizing up to XL (fits 16/18 comfortably)
  • Sexy styling often not found in larger sizing
  • Super flattering on the bum
  • High-waisted holds in place (no roll down)

Things to note:

  • Certain items only go up to a Large (not many), however, the more people who ask for larger size options the more likely she is able to take on more sizes.


Pole Overs is a pole brand created by pole performer Mary Caryl Giltner Serritella. Honestly, I really wasn’t in need of pole shorts (I have like 10+ pairs) but I happened to try them on in the studio and fell in love. They are the perfect pole basic.

Why I love the brand: 

  • May fav shorts for when I’m feeling self-conscious, covers everything quite securely while looking cute
  • Side ties on the high-waisted shorts can be adjusted for cheekiness
  • Feels especially high quality

Things to note:

  • I purchased these in studio (at Luscious Maven), this brand appears to be available more in studio than online. In fact, I don’t see the high waisted pair I love online. I recommend contacting Mary Caryl directly for availability.

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