Yeah I’ve been pretty inconsistent with pole dance lately. Too much going on with my life and some general dissatisfaction with my pole journey. Plus I have both a terrible and great habit of being all or nothing with my interests, meaning I go a bit crazy when I first get into something i.e. pole dance, but if I get out of the habit I get way out of it. I am trying so hard to not to do that with pole because I love it, I’m just going through a very busy time in my life.

Anyways along with poling at home I am surrounding myself with the pole inspiration I love. This distance has really helped me discover what I really love about pole and what I could care less about….sexy body rolls, floor work, emotion, flexy moves is where it is at for me!

So here are the 5 pole videos that have me excited to hop back on the pole!

1. Sarah Scott guest performance at Heir to the Chrome

I can not get enough of the small little flourishes Sarah adds to even just walking around the pole. Then there are like these sneaky crazy parts where you totally don’t expect her to do an insane split – seriously I don’t even know how to describe those moves.

2. Nadia Sharif’s Miss Pole Dance America 2016 performance

I cannot with this performance, it is just SO good! Nadia has some of the most unique transitions in general, but especially in this piece. My favorite part though – the tongue/ hand action at 1:22 – LOVE IT! 

3. Sarah Blackmail’s Pole Theatre UK performance feat. Rhiannon

I love the creativity and theme of this performance, so much fun and so damn gorgeous to look at. BUT the heel clack Sarah does with her back to the pole is EVERYTHING!!!

4. Felicia Drake slow and sexy freestyle

Sometimes you find a poler whose movement you just understand, your body gets it and likely moves similarly, but this poler does it way better. Felicia is that poler for me. I can’t get enough of her IG and her sexy style and it’s close enough to how I like to dance (though way way way better) that I always find little moves I want to incorporate in my own dance.

#springtime #sexyneverleft #stripperstyle

A video posted by Felicia Drake (@felicia.drake87) on

5. Amber Wolf’s Miss Pole Dance America 2016 performance

UGH that rope drop!!! Love every second of it and it so inspiring. Also love Amber combination of sexy, adorable, and innovative. 

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